About Institute of Applied Statistics

Institute of Applied Statistics (IAS) is a corporate division of the DCS Pvt. Ltd. It is a prime Institute that serves the upbringing of human resource development in Statistics. The Institute of Applied Statistics conducts training on statistical tools and methodologies to the various professionals all over the country. Besides, the institute carries out participates in multidisciplinary research activities.

Our Vision

The Institute of Applied Statistics (IAS) aspires to propagate the knowledge of statistics and global development of statistical system.

Our Mission

The distinctive mission of the institute is:

  • Creation of trained manpower to tackle the emerging challenges of the research field. Training of statistical as well as non-statistical manpower in undertaking monitoring and evaluation of large scale programs/projects, through specialized short/medium term programs. Develop Need based training modules in consultation and collaboration with academicians, researchers and professionals from universities.
  • To facilitate and organize International/National/State/Institutional level training programs for researchers and academicians.
  • To provide the Governments and private sector with necessary consultation regarding training, designing and conducting surveys & research.