Our LSASP Membership

The Institute of Applied Statistics pleased to announce the launching of LSASP (Lifetime Statistical Analysis Support Program). The Institute of Applied Statistics has launched this program called LSASP (Lifetime Statistical Analysis Support Program) whereby postgraduate student of various medical/dental/nursing and paramedical college/university can get support to do all statistical analysis related work in an easy way.

The LSAP Member who found himself/herself unable to do statistical analysis throughout his/her study can directly get solution from the statistician of Institute of Applied Statistics without pay any fees. The LSASP member will get an additional benefit of 05% discount on all other services offered by Institute of Applied Statistics. We are going through uncertain times and as we look ahead to what the future might hold, critical thinking and statistical analysis will be key skill set. That’s the main scenario to launch this program and that’s why we are here to help.

“Become a LSASP Member of Institute of Applied Statistics and become stress free from statistical analysis throughout your carrier.”

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Become LSASP Member Now

LSASP Membership fee: 9,999/-INR

LSASP Membership Benefits

  • Sample Size Calculation for your Research Study.
  • Study Design Selection for your Research Study.
  • Developing Sampling Plan for Study.
  • Data Cleaning, Data Mining & Data Coding.
  • Tabulation & Graphical Presentation of Data.
  • Descriptive Analysis of your Thesis/Paper/Project.
  • All Basic Statistical Analysis (Like Testing of Significance: t-test, z-test, chi-square test, ANOVA Test etc.)
  • All Types of Correlation Analysis.
  • All Regression Analysis (Multivariate, Bivariate, Univariate, Logostics, Poison etc.)
  • Sensitivity Analysis (Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, Negative Predictive Value, Positive Likelihood, Negative Likelihood Ratio, Accuracy, ROC Curve)
  • Agreement Analysis (Observed Agreement, Kappa, Weighted Kappa etc.)
  • Reliability and Validity Analysis (Cochran alpha and Inter-Class Correlation)
  • Time Series Analysis (Moving average, Exponential smoothing, and ARIMA)
  • Factor Analysis/ Discriminant Analysis/ Principle Component Analysis.
  • All Vital, Fertility, Morbidity, Mortality, Hospital Statistics.
  • Meta-Analysis (Funnel Plot, Forest Plot, Galbraith Plot etc.)
  • * The membership benefits will not be applicable to any joint venture programs of the Institute of Applied Statistics.